It is understood this means the DCO approval for Manston airport will be quashed – a process expected within a three week timespan – and a new decision will need to be issued after a re-examination of the Planning Inspectorate evidence. Our proposal is to reopen Manston as a global freight hub, enabling the airport to fulfil its role in helping the UK trade across the globe and to import vital and time-sensitive goods, including fresh fruit and medical supplies. “The Department of Transport has acknowledged that the Minister of State`s decision letter could have contained more information as to reasons. Tony Freudmann, director of RSP, said: “Once built, Manston will be one of the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly freight hubs in the world.”, Sir Roger Gale, the MP for North Thanet, said: “This national asset has been closed for far too long but it can now play a critical role in delivering jobs and investment … Post-Brexit Britain is going to need additional air freight capacity and Manston can offer this swiftly.”, A spokesperson for the local No Night Flights campaign group said there was no evidence that the airport would bring jobs. “This update is couched in very formal language but I’m enormously relieved to have got this far and bowled over by all the support I’ve received. Kathy Bailes, a big thanks you for all your fare and balanced news reporting, especially when it comes to the highly emotive Manston Airport matter. S.116 of the 2008 Act and Regulation 30 of the EIA Regulations both impose a duty on the Defendant to give reasons for granting a DCO. Opponents have argued that it is incompatible with emissions targets, and could create a precedent for more expansion. I do wonder if the government should now take full responsibility and refund all of those that contributed to the JR in good faith. However, today Shapps is in the news for a different reason entirely. We will make additional representations, when invited to do so, with evidence from across the last 18 months (since the DCO examination stage closed) – and look forward to publication of the Secretary of State’s comprehensive assessment of the basis for granting the DCO, early in 2021, so that we may begin works to restore the airport to operational use. The reopening of Manston airport has been a policy championed by Ukip as well as local Conservative MPs since it closed in 2014. I respect that you have never taken sides and have always given a fair crack of the whip to those, for and against, the reopening of the Manston Airport site. A backlog of more than 3,000 lorries stranded in Dover on Christmas Day was finally cleared today after 15,000 truckers were tested for coronavirus. The UK’s Planning inspectorate confirmed that it had received a pre-application inquiry from RiverOak in early January. According to a report by the BBC , the new owners … The airport is eyeing reopening to short-haul flights. Upon what basis the Defendant disagreed with the expert evidence produced by York Aviation, and others, against the need case. However, if that is the primary motivation for reopening the airport, then it should probably be funded in the same way as NATS - namely that the collection of airlines which use the London airport system should all put some money into the pot As to the quality of the reasons for disagreeing with the ExA on “need”, given that the Defendant asked himself entirely the wrong question, falsely eliding “need” with “benefit”, his reasons for disagreeing with the ExA on need are, inevitably, inadequate, improper and unintelligible. Developers have been given permission to rebuild Manston airport as an international cargo and passenger hub after ministers overruled the planning inspectorate’s recommendation to reject the scheme. A hearing set for the legal challenge over the government’s decision process in granting permission for the development of Manston airport into an air freight hub will not take place after the Department for Transport/ Secretary of State said the case would not be contested. RSP argue that the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit make the need for more specialist air freight capacity vital. RiverOak Strategic Partners bought the … Current proposals reveal over 30 East Kent locations which are at risk of being impacted by Manston’s proposed flightpaths. Manston Airport to reopen following DCO approval. But industry bosses branded the treatment of the stranded truckers 'a disgrace'. A judge has granted permission for a legal challenge against the government's decision to reopen Manston airport. RSP, a London-based company incorporated in 2016 specifically to reopen the Kent County airport, told the BBC it planned "short-haul and cargo flights" at the site. Planning Inspectorate Development consent has been given to reopen and develop Manston Airport into a dedicated air freight facility able to … BRITS have been barred from entering Sweden and deported from Spain as post-Brexit pettiness sparks “deep concerns”. County Councillor Karen Constantine said: “First we had the Chris Grayling’s ferry fiasco at the Port of Ramsgate and now we have yet another U-turn by Conservatives. Environmental protesters are launching what they call a 'guerilla' campaign against plans to reopen Manston Airport. Manston became Kent International Airport from 1989, and a new terminal was opened by Sarah, Duchess of York. RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP), who have long targeted the airport and acquired the site last year, said the £300m project would create more than 23,000 jobs, many of which would be in relatively deprived areas of east Kent. The deadline for the decision on the proposed reopening and development of Manston Kent International Airport has been extended until May 18, 2020, the UK's Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Transport, Nusrat Ghani, told the country's parliament on January 16.. The deadline for the decision on the proposed reopening and development of Manston Airport extended to 18 May 2020. ... Freight unable to make the crossing to France have been told to go to Manston Airport… “RSP remains confident in our proposals and of the increasing need for Manston to support the UK’s freight handling capabilities, post-Brexit and to aid the economic recovery from COVID-19. Enter your email address to subscribe free to The Isle of Thanet News and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Development Consent Order (DCO) for the proposed project was submitted in July 2018 by RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) which plans to operate an air freight business on the airport, with some passenger services as qell. In South Buckinghamshire DC v Porter [2004] UKHL 33, the House of Lords confirmed that any such reasons must be adequate and intelligible, and enable the reader to understand why the matter was decided as it was and what conclusions were reached on the principal important controversial issues. RiverOak Strategic Partners bought Manston Airport, which closed in 2014, and plan to restart short-haul and cargo flights in spring 2023. Published 16 January 2020 From: Manston, UK planning decision deadline extended to mid-2Q20 24.01.2020 - 19:10 UTC. Supporters of Manston Airport is an organisation founded in August 2014 to support and pursue the re-establishment of Manston Airport as a viable and successful airport. MANSTON AIRPORT: THE FACTS. A new cargo aviation hub at Manston could be open by spring 2022 if the controversial plans are given the green light. But today she has revealed that the JR will be disposed of after a letter from the Treasury said the case had been conceded. A statement by RiverOak Strategic Partners says: “Naturally the Department for Transport’s decision not to contest the Judicial Review is disappointing, although it may in fact save time. Upon what basis the capacity of existing airports within the south east to accommodate that quantum of need had been assessed by him. These issues were all addressed in detail in the ExA’s report, but were not mentioned, let alone grappled with, in the Defendant’s perfunctory and dismissive DL. “We will be reviewing our options to challenge this and protect our town from this horrible blight.”. Now, Manston Airport in Kent could be looking to join the last two, with a reopening in 2022. Inspectors warned that the plans “will have a material impact on the ability of government to meet its carbon reduction targets, including carbon budgets”, and that climate change was another factor that “weighs against the granting of development consent”. France will reopen borders to UK as long as people test negative first. In addition a huge number of people objected to living under a flight path. Manston had been bought for a nominal £1 a year earlier by Stagecoach co-founder Ann Gloag, and was later sold to rival developers and earmarked for housing. Being as they know from outset this was the project was doomed to failure. Owner RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) said it was “delighted” to have its application for a … The airport was closed by previous owner Infratril in May 2014. Brit residents returning to their homes in Sweden were stopped at pa… But, the Department of Transport has now acknowledged that the decision approval letter issued from the Minister of State did not contain enough detail about why approval was given against the advice of the Planning Inspectorate. An informed reader of the DL is wholly unable to discern: Why the Defendant considered that there was a “clear case of need” for the development which existing airports (Heathrow, Stansted and EMA) could not meet. “We faced a similar situation two years ago when we withdrew our DCO application, to provide additional information, before successfully resubmitting it for acceptance. Full text of Ground 1(b): Failure to Give Reasons: Haddon Dene makes Parent Power Top 100 schools list, Minster man jailed for harassment and assault of woman and claims to have Covid while spitting at police. […] The site is currently subject to a Development Consent Order (DCO) examination process on proposals by RSP to reopen the airport as a freight hub. It’s a high price for our community to pay for the Governments inept interference.”. A statement from North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, who has backed the airport plan, says: ““=The future of Manston Airport has been subjected to further delay in the light of the application for Judicial Review. Number of flights: Manston has permission for 64,000 air traffic movements a year, that’s 176 flights a day or approx 10 an hour. Summer season charter flights operated by Dan-Air to Palma, Mallorca were introduced on Saturdays, using BAC One-Elevens. “In the meantime, we continue the CAA airspace change process to determine the future flightpaths for Manston and we have, this week, also reached agreement for Manston to be used as a temporary Customs outpost, until July 2021.”. We argued that the facts were clear, Manston is located in the wrong part of the UK, has too much competition from established air freight operators and that it would never be able to become a commercially viable  airfreight hub. It’s important that this is done correctly, in order that Manston can deliver on its full potential, and we welcome the Government’s decision being put on as robust a basis as possible. Ministers overrule planners on Manston airport as critics point to noise and emissions impact, Last modified on Thu 9 Jul 2020 18.07 EDT. There is currently no limit on the number of late arrivals coming into the airport at night. “The Treasury Solicitor will now draft an order disposing of the case. It simply hasn’t materialised. The order will have to be approved by all parties and submitted to the Court to be sealed – this final step may take several weeks. Manston Airport closed in May 2014 The new owners of an airport which shut five years ago have revealed plans to restart flights by 2022. As the new owners of the site, RSP will be able to carry out survey work vital to the conclusion of the DCO examination process, with immediate effect. It’s been a joint effort!”. The decision to grant a development consent order for the scheme against the recommendations of inspectors was officially taken by the transport minister, Andrew Stephenson, with the secretary of state, Grant Shapps, recused to avoid any conflict of interest. “We subsequently learned that the Interested Party, RiverOak Strategic Partners Ltd, will not be defending their claim. “Many of us have been of the opinion that this air freight project would never take off. I can certainly see a reason for Manston being opened as a reserve airport when bad weather appears. The Planning Inspectorate has accepted the application for the upgrade and reopening Manston Airport for examination. The reopening of Manston airport has been a policy championed by Ukip as well as local Conservative MPs since it closed in 2014. The decision was released the day after the government launched its Net Zero board to advise on its transport decarbonisation plan. Further, the Court has agreed that this is an Aarhus Convention claim and … An additional 70 toilets are arriving at Manston Airport, which is being used as a makeshift lorry park, this morning. To what extent he considered need could not be met in the bellyhold of passenger flights to and from those existing airports. The substantive hearing was due to take place at the High Court on February 16-17 and was to look at whether the Government followed correct procedure in reaching the decision to approve the DCO for landowners RiverOak Strategic Partners. Advertisement Due to the spread of the new, more dangerous, more contagious, and mutated Covid-19 variant in the United Kingdom, France closed its borders to the UK. “It was utterly cynical of the government to impose a DCO and the cash strapped, hard-pressed people of Ramsgate have had to dig very deep to find  £88,000 to fund a Judicial Review. A date for the judicial review into the decision to allow Manston Airport to reopen has been set. The plans have divided local communities, with some welcoming the promise of additional jobs but others dismayed at the noise and pollution airport expansion will bring. Flights at southeast England's Manston Kent International Airport, which closed in May 2014, may restart by 2022, its new owner RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) has revealed. US hedge fund RiverOak has made a pre-application inquiry to UK planning inspectors for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to reopen Manston airport in the south-east of the country, primarily as a freight gateway. “My lawyers set out three grounds of challenge to the decision to grant a Development Consent Order for the re-opening and development of Manston Airport: Ground 2: Breach of Procedural Requirement/Unfairness.